Strand by Strand is my method of choice.  There are two different types of the Strand by Strand Method, Fusion Strands which require heat and Cylinders Strands which do not.  I find both to be the most natural and undetectable way of doing extensions.  Both are applied  by taking about 15-20 strands of your hair and attaching approximately 20 strands of extension hair.

TO USE HEAT OR NOT TO USE HEAT...that is the question
Both are AWESOME at achieving longer or thicker hair:-)   We all have different chemical make-ups and lifestyles.  What works great for one of us doesn't always work out for some one else.  So, I am going to break it down a lil bit and let you tell me which one you think would work best for you.  Don't worry if you can't decide I can most likely help ya!

    Cylinder Strands- Do not require use of heat to apply.  This type of Hair Extension comes with the hair pre-attached to a cylinder.  One by one I take a really tiny section of your hair string it through the cylinder.  Next, I slide that cylinder till it is about 1/4 inch from the scalp and then I flatten the cylinder so it stays in place.  One very cool thing about this type of Hair Extension is you can wear the initial set for up to a year!  As your hair grows I can open the cylinder and slide it back up to the scalp up to 3 more times.  Cylinders Strands are slightly more expensive up front but the cost of maintenance is less due to the fact we don't have to order more hair. 

Fusion Strands-This type of Hair Extension comes pretipped with a Keratin Polymer.  The polymer is the synthetic equivalent to what our hair is made up of, Proteins.  To attach Fusion Strands, one by one I take a tiny section of your hair and by applying heat to the Keratin tip I mold it onto your hair about 1/4 inch away from the scalp.    Maintenance for the Fusion Strands is done every 2-3 months and we order new hair each time.   Along with how well Fusion Strands stay in, another cool thing about them is since we don't reuse them, you have the freedom to change your color and length as time goes on.

    With both I use several different placement patterns according to your specific needs.  Hair Extensions have many uses:

Adding Hi/Lo Lites
Give you an Younger & Healthier appearance
Adding Bright colors that won't fade
Fill in breakage
Aid growing hair out
Protect hair

   The Cost of Hair Extensions is determined by the thickness of your hair, the size of your head and your desired length.  An average full head typically costs between. $900-$1200, depending on the thickness.   That will include the hair, putting them in, and cutting them. 

   A Consultation should be booked, by calling the salon, as soon as you are ready to get them.  At the Consultation appointment, I  evaluate your hair and get an understanding of what  look you are trying  to achieve.  I then give you my personal opinion on how many Hair Extensions you need put in to get the most natural looking result achievable.  You will then know the exact cost.  

Going ahead to a prettier you and getting them in:-) 
I will do a color match to see what colors we need to order.  It can sometimes take 2 or 3 different colors to get a good match.  To book an Installation Appointment you will need to provide a half down non-refundable deposit.  The day of your appointment, your hair needs to be clean and dry.  I will then go over the care and maintenance sheets with you and then we will get started.  After they are all put in, I have you show me what length you want it cut to and  I will cut the extensions so that they blend in with your hair.  Next.....


Hair Extensions 101