Hi, I'm Natalie!  Thank You for taking the time to visit my site.  I have tried to make it as informative as I can to aid in your quest to find a  good Hair Extensionist in the Kansas City  area.   I hope after seeing a sample of some of my work and reading my bio your journey will come to an end and you will land in my chair.  I Love doing Hair Extensions and my goal is to make you Love them too!
I have been a Hair Stylist since 1993 and I have been doing Hair Extensions since 2000.  I am Certified in SoCap USA, Great Lengths and Perfectress.  I can also use Pierre Diamond, Di Biasi, The Hair Shop and Cinderella.
      I would like to let you know what got me interested in extensions.  It was 1996 and I had just gone through what I call "The Bleaching Incident", basically my hair was ruined.  For 8 months I let it grow til I had 4 inches of new growth.  At that point I had the bleached part cut off.  The very next day I had extensions put in.  Those extensions turned my spirit around.  I went from hating my hair to absolutely Loving my hair.  It was long, shiny, pretty, and healthy again.  I kept them in until my own hair was long enough to bear with out them.
       Over the next few years everytime I was bored with my look I would reinvent myself by getting them back in and taking them out.  I expieremented with different methods and brands.  Then finally I went to Dallas, TX and got the training I needed to start doing them.  
        I absolutely Love doing them!  I have helped so many people grow their hair out, thicken their hair, or lengthen it because it wouldn't grow.  I know I can help you too!  So, give me a call and we can set you up an appointment for your free consultation and you can take a look at my portfolio.  Then you will see just what I Can do for you!


See you there, can't wait to meet you!
Natalie's Bio